I am so, so immensely grateful to Frank for his work. I have worked with him both at ISTA and at the events he has put on in Montreal. At the most recent event ‘making love with the unknown’ I was able to look directly at the pain and fear that had been drastically affecting my life for the past month. Through unapologetic strength he held the energies of the room in a way that had me feel I could fully let go into my experience in ways that I’ve only felt at workshops he has held. I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself, letting myself be seen, and being vocal. Here I was able to be authentic in my experience and feel safe expressing myself and was able to stay with myself without worry of normal customs of appropriateness. Going through my thoughts and emotions in this space was incredibly freeing and had me reach a new level of commitment to myself, inspired by the acceptance of raw humanness that I felt. By the end of it I was reminded that going through my experience head-on was the greatest way I could love myself and I felt ready to see myself through the difficult phase I am living.