I am so, so immensely grateful to Frank for his work. I have worked with him both at ISTA and at the events he has put on in Montreal. At the most recent event ‘making love with the unknown’ I was able to look directly at the pain and fear that had been drastically affecting my life for the past month. Through unapologetic strength he held the energies of the room in a way that had me feel I could fully let go into my experience in ways that I’ve only felt at workshops he has held. I’ve always had a hard time expressing myself, letting myself be seen, and being vocal. Here I was able to be authentic in my experience and feel safe expressing myself and was able to stay with myself without worry of normal customs of appropriateness. Going through my thoughts and emotions in this space was incredibly freeing and had me reach a new level of commitment to myself, inspired by the acceptance of raw humanness that I felt. By the end of it I was reminded that going through my experience head-on was the greatest way I could love myself and I felt ready to see myself through the difficult phase I am living.

Kainé, Montreal 2018

Frank, I found your integrity as a facilitator to be impeccable.

Thank you for all your support and guidance, and for empowering me to honor my needs, speak up, and go after what I want. For reinforcing my newly found ability to say no. For building me up and teaching me self respect. For all the nudges and little pushes to help me finally jump off the cliff and start flying.

I have so much love and appreciation for you, and immense gratitude for all that you’ve given me during the course.

Yelena, Western Massachusetts 2017

Dear Frank, I wanted to personally reach out to you and to acknowledge you as an inspiring, devoted, passionate teacher of thé shamanic path to sexual healing. I watched you support your amazingly wise female counterparts and step into the powerful role of holding space for them and offering the balance with your masculinity to the mix. At the same time I saw your gentleness and sensitivity, your compassion for our breakthroughs as you were moved to tears by our new discoveries of ourselves. You are truly dedicated to the liberation of the human spirit and I honour you and the work that you are doing. Thank you for giving me a glimpse to what is possible when a man steps into service with his body, heart and soul. From the purity of my heart please know I was really moved by you as a teacher and leader of the tribe…

F, New York 2017

Returning from 8 days in Iceland diving deep into the spiritual sexual shamanic experience of ISTA and well…. farrrrk that was one hell of a ride!!

I have never cried so hard, roared so loud, felt love so deeply or blissed out on so much sensual ecstasy.

Gratitude to you Frank for guiding me through the fire with so much love. You gave me back my voice and courage.

Tara, Amsterdam, Holland 2018

I would like to thank you Frank for the wonderful experience I had during the ISTA training. I had the privilege of enjoying you as a teacher and receiving a few healing sessions. Your positive, sweet, igniting and loving presence puts everybody at ease immediately. Your empathetic nature, attentiveness, knowledge and professionalism help create a self container for healing, fun, and bliss. You combine a multitude of modalities to bring emotional release and clarity. The most powerful experience was the re-awakening of my Kundalini, which realigned subtle energies in my body and opened powerful channels for deep spiritual healing. I love and respect the work you do immensely!

Arina Fateeva, Seattle, WA

Check out Frank Mondeose on The Spiritual Playboy Journey!!

The first video I discovered from The Spiritual Playboy is engraved in my heart: Episode 22: Dendera and Hathor Temple. That day, something energetically shifted within me, my heart chakra literally opened & a transmission was received.

It’s a message of one love, openness to life, healing, discovery, sacred sexuality… and more!

Thank you Frank Mondeose for the amazing inspiring Man that you are, I love the way you show up in the world.

Evelyne, Montreal 2017

You bring power and raw love energy. Sometimes, that scared the hell out of me, but you showed up with such love and authenticity that I was able to move through my fears and go much deeper in the work. You have a delightful trickster energy, which in my own experience with my spirit guides, can be the deepest and most compassionate form of teaching because it cuts through the noise and touches the heart most directly. You saw us behind the layers, and playfully and passionately drew us out. I would strongly recommend (and I already have!) you as a facilitator and teacher. You bring the fire. Much love.

Paula, Seattle 2017